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I speak to women every day who tell me “It’s been a struggle with consistency and my emotions. I'm in a slump because working from home while tending to my kids 24/7 leaves me frustrated and exhausted. I feel lazy, unmotivated and I can't figure out how to take time for myself. I'm so overwhelmed that I have no idea how to even start." 

With my 100% proven method  #SwitchingGears, I guarantee that in 5 days, you will create consistent self-car habits that will improve your mood, incorporate movement into your day and allow you to enjoy your food!

How will you do this? Every day for 5 days, you will complete a fun and simple self care task that will take 5 minutes or less. With my custom 5 day #SwitchingGears blueprint, you will know the exact self care exercises to do.

Are you tired of looking for an approach that will finally work for you? Well, look no further and  sign up for my 5 Day Reset #SwitchingGears. This was made for you!

Upon enrollment, you will receive an email from me with your #SwitchingGears 5 Day Reset PDF blueprint as well as a short 10 minute video you won't want to miss. To set you up for 100% success, please watch the video in its entirety as I will explain the method behind my proprietary #SwitchingGears blueprint as well as my philosophy on why it works. I guarantee a 100% success rate if followed properly. 

With the #SwitchingGears 5 Day Reset Bundle, you will:

Start focusing on yourself again. 

Get out of your rut.

Find the motivation to nurture yourself, for good this time. 


Aloha! I’m Lee-Ann Watanabe. I help women break free from their inner critic resulting in increased confidence, complete self-trust and sustainable healthy boundaries. After 25 years in the fitness industry and working with hundreds of women, I see so many struggling with consistency and accountability. The #SwitchingGears challenge was born out of my desire to empower women with healthy and balanced self care habits, thus creating a strong foundation of wellness both inside and out. I am here for you. If you need anything or have any questions, please email me at